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Free generic small 4 door hatchback

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Product name: SHC MC Free Promotion Car

This is a car in the ''SHC Moducar'' series, every car in this series uses parts from my ''moducar'' collection wich was in development for several months. This allows me to price the cars according to size/shape/details/options/bumpers instead of asking the same price for every single car.
every car in the ''Moducar'' series is brandless, and doesn't need any licencing from real life car companies when using it for commercial purposes like racing games.

Technical specs:
-Size: Small hatchback
-Doors: 4
-Engine: None
-Sport Pack (wider bodywork, special steering wheel, larger wheels, extra trim levels, larger engine) : No
-Seats: None
-Roof: Normal
-Exhaust: double exhaust
-Dashboard: None
-Wheels: tier 1/5

Dennis wormgoor highresscreenshot00000

SHC MC Free Promotion Car

Dennis wormgoor highresscreenshot00002
Dennis wormgoor highresscreenshot00001
Dennis wormgoor highresscreenshot00003
Dennis wormgoor highresscreenshot00004
Dennis wormgoor highresscreenshot00007
Dennis wormgoor highresscreenshot00005
Dennis wormgoor highresscreenshot00006
Dennis wormgoor screenshot 1